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Achieve top performance – with Bentec’s services

We know how important it is that your drilling operations run on schedule. See what we can do to support you in planning and forecasting maintenance programmes for all your equipment and assets.


Our services include:

Inspections and modernisations
Bentec is a market leader in rig innovation and technology.

Our products and technologies can modernise your existing asset and protect the integrity of your equipment. Our rig audit and survey programmes will help you discover your asset’s hidden potential and ensure you have the spare parts you need for the future.


Installation and commissioning
As well as delivering your new rig and equipment, Bentec provides installation and commissioning services.

Working alongside our rig-up supervisors and equipment specialists, we can ensure a quick and high quality rig-up. Our team are also experts in rig moves and/or refurbishments.


In addition to providing safe, reliable and efficient results on your asset, our well-trained and experienced team can help your operations excel.
Take advantage of our on-site training after spud-in.
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